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I Can´t Wait to Learn How.. Thanks So Much For Your Course.

I recommend The Halftone Mastery Course for anyone. If you are a beginner it would be wise to start the correct way and not have to break your bad habits later. If you are a self taught printer via books and forums (like me) this course will tie everything together and fill in the gaps. Whatever you put into this course you will see a profound return in your prints, production, and profits. Thank you Mark, my fear of full color prints on black shirts are finally gone!

- Sean Meehan, Pyro Printers S.L. Madrid, Spain

SimProcess 55lpi Wht + 6 colors Color Seps:Netseps.com Printing: Coudray

True 4cProcess 55lpi Union TruTone 1993, NO Spots Color Seps:Netseps.com Printing: Coudray

Andy Anderson with 2009 Golden Image Gold  Anderson Studios,Inc, Nashville, TN

We Have Been Directly Influenced by His Guidance, Knowledge, and Masterful Technical Skills

Mark’s knowledge and abilities have helped turn around some of the biggest and best apparel companies in our industry. His course leaves no stone unturned and is an excellent value. I would say without any reservation he truly is the best and you’d be missing a great opportunity and making a big mistake if you don’t take his course.

- Andy Anderson, Anderson Studio, Inc, Nashville, TN

True CMYK 85 lpi No Spot Colors Wooden Frames 1980 Nocona Boot Co.   Printing: Coudray

 SIM Process on Blk   Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co.,LTD • Peoples Rep of China

Extremely Well Done and Done Well!!!

As I predicted from the beginning, the instructional information I have attained from the Halftone Mastery Course is an educational zenith of my entire 30-years of Screen Printing experience. This course went far beyond and above my expectations. Not only is it in depth and comprehensive course from the mathematics, science, optics and physics aspects of “how and why” Halftone Screen Printing works or not, you’ve taken it all the way from theory and brought it to my understanding for the real world and practical application.

Even though I am a 4 time Alumnus of your previous instructional courses from about 15 years ago, the technology in our industry has progressed rapidly and so have the computer and software applications and the world of digital color and communication. The information contained in the course truly unveils everything possibly imaginable associated with Screen Printing halftones and enables you to become a World-Class Halftone Screen Printer.

- Mark Gervais, Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., LTD Peoples Republic of China

Expanded Gamut 7C Process (CMYK+RGB) 1995 Stochastic Dot   Color Seps:Netseps.com Printing: Coudray
Off The Wall Graphics, Inc    Jeannette, PA


Just a Couple More Thoughts. . .


I've added three levels to the program this time around. Even if you're just getting started with halftones and want great results right away, you're less than 30 days away from halftone heaven.


You don't need super high tech equipment. You can achieve excellent results when you learn how to prep the art in the beginning. This is especially important for shops that get a lot of customer supplied images. We know because NetSeps has handled over 50,000 customer jobs, many of which had already failed on press.


Even the most experienced printers, those with more than 20 yrs in the business will be amazed at the depth of the content. HMC is the ONLY place you can get this level of knowledge and application based on real world experience. No B.S.


-Mark A. Coudray